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Cedar Garden Screen, the tale of a random fence


A privacy screen made with UK grown Western Red Cedar and Sweet Chestnut posts

A few weeks back, we made a prototype/concept of a privacy screen, artfully attached to the yard gate with cable ties. It had to be more of a screen than a simple trellis, but not a solid panel for weight, wind and visual issues. We didn’t want to have anything that was too boxy or looked too much like a pallet, so we tinkered with random width paling (pickets?). Then we played with angled top and bottom cuts and random lengths.

It all looked quite promising, and here is the final product, made with locally grown Western Red Cedar pickets and rails, mounted into local Sweet Chestnut posts. As an idea, it would happily translate into smaller trellis panels or a gazebo- what do you think?




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  1. Chris

    I love the random, but beautifully crafted and organic, look of this screen. Great for dividing areas of garden, for adding height to and wall/fence (as shown). How about longer pales to hide a dustbin or compost area? I would love it as a backing to a gazebo or outside dining area or to give privacy around a hot tub… brilliant concept!


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