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It’s been a bit of a roller coaster for me, the Head Woodlouse, in terms of IT and trying to get this website into a vaguely presentable shape. Things seemed fairly sensible (and Google was far less picky) back in 2005 when I put my previous website together (it was called wills-mill.co.uk). Perhaps the rose tinted specs are on, but it was pretty unusual for anyone in the world of wood and trees to have a website, and any that existed were mainly a single page of content, or maybe a little ‘this website is under construction’ sign that sat there for years.

Now, everyone seems pretty savvy with sharing media and content, and even if we don’t do it very much, we’re aware of the massive impact a new idea or approach can have, seemingly overnight.

10 years back, very few people would notice or care if someone in the public eye said something controversial online, but now (!) people around the world are reaching for their internet pitchforks and flaming torches within an instant.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing things out there- for instance, I find that some of the people uploading thoughtful quality content to youtube far more compelling than most of what’s on mainstream TV channels. But (big BUT) one false move, one drunken tweet and there’s no going back…..

Leastways, despite sometimes feeling like a woodlouse doggy-paddling around a water butt, I think the website is starting to get somewhere. It all seems suspiciously quick and easy to change with Mr wordpress.com software package*, and hopefully this will be the first post that publishes itself across to Facebook and maybe even Google Plus. Does content breed content, or is it just hot air expanding to fill the surroundings?

Onwards and upwards, Will


*Apologies to proper coding types, I imagine that the underlying html is a complete cat’s mess

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