Woodlouse Industries – Locally Sourced Timber Products

Timber Cladding and Sawmill Produce

Sawn Cladding


We cut and supply cladding from locally grown Douglas Fir, Larch, Western Red Cedar, Oak, and Sweet Chestnut. Cladding jobs are cut to order, and the overall price is affected by the thickness and width of the required boards.

Profiles available-

+ Waney edged- the natural or live edge of the tree is left on one edge of the cladding.

+ Plain- The boards have a rectangular profile, so are the same thickness across the entire width.

+Featheredge- The boards have a tapering profile, so one edge is thinner than the other.


Trim materials such as fascias, gable/ barge boards, and corner battens can be supplied to match.

Waney edged Oak cladding, East Grinstead, Sussex


Machined Cladding, Garden Screens, Decking and Machined Fencing


We can machine any of our timbers in house, for a great variety of contemporary and traditional end uses. We are passionate about supplying locally grown Western Red Cedar and other UK grown timbers as alternatives to imported species.

+Machined Battens and Slats

+PAR timber (Planed All Round)

+Decking, bridge and boardwalk boards

+Rainscreen cladding

+Shadow Gap cladding

+ Splayed/ Angled cladding

+ Tongue and Groove and Shiplap

Many of these profiles can also be used for windbreaks, privacy screens and visual interest around outdoor dining and barbecue areas, hot tubs and pools, as well as bicycle and bin stores.




Timber Framing beams and posts


Supplied in Sweet Chestnut, Douglas Fir, Larch, Western Red Cedar and occasionally even Oak!

At Woodlouse Industries we think that alternative locally grown timbers should be promoted and their use encouraged. We supply sawn timbers, and are also able to fell, extract, convert and carry out timber framing on site for customers’ own bespoke buildings.

Roofing Shingles


We cut and supply our own roofing shingles from local UK timbers. They are made to order with the traditional taper, or can be supplied as a more economical product as ‘bastard’ shingles which are the same thickness from top to bottom.

roofing shingles UK timber

UK (Sussex) grown Western Red Cedar shingles

Larch Douglas Fir Sweet Chestnut roofing shingles



We produce an unglamorous supply of chunky offcuts for firewood, not brilliant for beautiful Nordic log stacks, but just as effective as a fuel. For wood burners/ woodstoves only, due to the mix of species. Larger tractor trailer loads of split-your-own may be available, please enquire.

Builders bulk bags of firewood cost £45 collected from the yard, or £65 delivered locally to Horsham, Storrington, Billingshurst, Southwater, Pulborough, Cowfold. Map below.

One of our by-products are’ Logolini’ which are net bags of small wood chunks. These make an ideal fuel for wood fired pizza ovens, smoker barbecues, chimeneas and firepits, as well as smaller pot belly, camper van and yurt stoves. They can be scooped and shovelled like coal and form an excellent hot bed of ashes. Per net bag they cost £4 each, or £15 for 5 bags.


Slabwood, Sawdust & Shavings

Slabwood (the first bark covered cuts from a log) is usually available for building compost bins, playhouses, tree houses, rustic cabins and Santa’s grottoes. Tidy slabs cost £1.10 per metre of length, bundles of random slabs are available for £20, the bundles weigh approx 400kg and will include scruffy bits that may only be useful as firewood.

Fine sawmill sawdust is usually available in dustbin sized bags for £1, or builders bags for £10 (we can lift into your transport at your risk)

Clean untreated planer shavings (when available) cost £10 per builders bulk bag.  (No MDF, plywood, painted or treated timber etc)

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