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The phone rings…..

 Or, you never know what’s going to turn up out of the blue


Last week I got a call from a pair of arborists who live locally but work around a North London Borough. They are both keen woodworkers and want to see urban timber being used more, and asked if we’d like a steady trickle of interesting street and park trees. It’s tricky turning wood away, in fact the only thing that we’re cautious about is the likelihood of nails and metal objects in street and garden trees. There are hair-curling sawmilling tales that have been doing the rounds for many decades about weird and wonderful nasty things in trees. In fact, many people in the trade regard London street trees as having a significant content of the Luftwaffe’s finest bomb fragments, and therefore are of very limited appeal!

Now, we’ve sawn a few big lumps of Plane in our time (most memorably an enormous tree on site in the middle of Berkeley Square) and the colour and figure can be well worth the risks of a bit of blade damage- especially as a Wood Mizer runs bandsaw blades that cost about £20 new, rather than the £120 minimum for a big stationary bandmill.

Well, it has to be said, that agreeing to saw the timber up for a partial share ended up being a pretty sensible decision. There was a pair of cheeky little nails, deep in the centre of the tree which caused a bit of annoyance rather than heartache, but otherwise the timber was just stunning!


So, as an experiment more than anything, I have put the boards up for sale through ebay as a classified advert. It will be interesting to see if anyone is keen at a price that is well below the usual air-dried timber price. Does anyone have the space and patience to dry their own cabinet making timber stock?


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