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Crating up for the big move…

We’re heading off to premises new, which means emptying the workshop of all the odd shaped bits of clutter and various shelves full of tins, bottles and boxes. I decided to make up some crates to bundle everything into, had a quick head scratch and came up with these beauties- 125 x 95 x 60 cm of sturdiness. They’re made from Grand Fir Abies grandis which isn’t a tree typically grown for its timber here in the UK- these Grandis (Grandii?) are from a block of forestry that was planted and harvested for prime Christmas Trees, then allowed to grow on to make really big trees. The speed of growth and size of the annual rings is very impressive!


After a session on the Wood Mizer sawmill, and a fair amount of time cutting everything to length, I had a stack of components ready to go- by my count 46 pieces per crate. I made up a fairly simple jig to lay out the frames, worked out the board overhang so that the corners fit together and then set to work making up the panels and assembing the boxes. Using the nailgun and jig to make up each panel is definitely the easy bit- around 2 minutes per panel, so not bad going.


Each of the crates is made to sit in a steel framed stillage, so they can be transported and stacked easily and securely. I’ve seen huge great potato crates used as a dividing wall and storage in a workshop, perhaps that’s where these will go when they’ve done their job.

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