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After a bit of a pause over Christmas and the New Year, I have started back with milling work as well as continuing to move equipment and timber into the new site. I’ve also been finding as many hours as possible to create a usable and secure workshop space, so there’s not been a great deal of time to put the feet up. The lack of daylight is truly miserable, I seem to live with work lights and extension leads everywhere, and a headtorch permanently lit.


The new neighbours are wondrous beasts, superbly old fashioned Longhorn cattle- they are very hardy and are free to roam really large open areas of Knepp Castle Estate as part of the Wildland Project, a rare example of hands-off lowland land management. Read more about the Project and the diverse beasties at http://www.knepp.co.uk/pages/conservation/wildland_project.asp

Some days you see the Longhorns, and then for weeks at a time they vanish off elsewhere…..


The cold weather seems set to continue, it’s very special being out with the sun rising, but there’s a bit of a downside when it comes to dealing with cold grumpy machinery and lots of de-icing.


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